Promoting Italian Excellence
The 16th Annual Event featuring Italian Motion Pictures, Music, Fashion, Tourism and Food will take place in Los Angeles from March 20th to 26th on the eve of the 93nd Academy Awards®. The event will highlight Italy’s longstanding cinematic, lifestyle and artistic legacy and will introduce current Italian productions and excellences to the United States.
It is held under the auspices of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the support of Italian Ministry of Culture (MiC), the ITA - Italian Trade Agency and Intesa Sanpaolo.
Los Angeles, Italia 2022 will honor the “ambassadors” of Italian Culture and Lifestyle.

Along and after the Festival, the Academy Scientific Board will bestow the following awards:
Best Feature of the Year
Best Documentary of the Year
Best Short Cut of the Year

1) The 2022 Los Angeles Italia - Contest will take place over the seven-day period from March 20th to 26th.
2) It is possible to submit the following works:
· Feature (over :60 minutes)
· Medium (between :20 and :59 minutes)
· Short (less than :20 minutes)
3) The work movie has to be "Original" and hasn't competed in any other Global or Local Festival. In addition to the Original movies accepted by the Selection Board, a few Non-Original will be directly chosen as a Special Guest-Competitors of the Festival. In any case, the Organizing Committee will not pay any fees to the rights owners of any movie selected for the competition.
4) All movies selected will be authorized to use, for promotional purposes, the official "Los Angeles, Italia Laurel".
5) At the conclusion of the Festival, the director of the winning film in each Category (Feature, Medium and Short) will be honored by Los Angeles Italia - Contest Board with a special invitation to the Campania Region of Italy (during the Summer of 2022) where he/she will be able to spend a week shooting/editing a documentary (:50) about our beautiful land. We will be providing an Italian technical team and will cover expenses such as accommodations, and food & beverages.
6) In order to be admitted to Los Angeles Italia - Contest, all movie rights-owners must agree to and accept the following conditions:
- The movie will be available to the global public via streaming on Los Angeles, Italia 2021 media-partner website (one of the most qualified and popular global movie sites
- The movie will be screened during the run of the Los Angeles Italia Festival 2022 (from March 20th to 26th) .
- The screening of the movies will be totally free of charge to all the viewers.
- Streamings will be available worldwide and protected with Hollywood Grade DRM. The files (movies and .srt) will be deleted from the servers 15 days after the end of the Los Angeles Italia Festival.
- All the movies in International languages or the Italian language must include English subtitles.
- Every production company should provide us with:
a. Pressbook with the technical and artistic details (running time, synopsis, cast/credits etc.),
b. 2 stills from the movie (1280x720 and 1280x1080),
c. A trailer of the movie.
7) The works are exclusively and unquestionably selected by the Scientific Board of the Festival including legendary producer Marin Cicogna; Oscar winning, costume and set designer Gianni Quaranta; Oscar winning make-up artist Alessandro Bertolazzi and Giorgio Gregorini; the iconic Italian screenwriter and director Enrico Vanzina; Rai Com President Teresa De Santis; Oscar winning screenwriter and producer Nick Vallelonga; Oscar winning screenwriters and directors Bobby Moresco and Barry Morrow; Italian-American actor Robert Davi; Italian legend Franco Nero with additional members to be announced. The works will be chosen based on artistic quality and social depth.
8) The works will be selected and assessed according to the unquestionable judgement of the Academy Scientific Board.
9) The Scientific Board has the competence and right to assess the works and award them.
10) Applications filed to the aim of taking part in the Special Contest imply full acceptance of the present regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Federico Cianferoni

    Thank you Los Angeles Italia for selecting our documentary "Les Amateurs: Designers in Quarantine" and premiere it on , it was an honour to take part to your festival.
    Great organization, in these times of Covid having the opportunity to virtually screen the film was really a plus.

    May 2021
  • Grandissima occasione per mostrare il mio corto Abigail, un onore essere insieme a tanti altri prodotti di qualità. Grazie

    May 2021
  • Giampaolo Manara

    beautiful festival. congratulations for the excellent organization. I am proud to have been able to participate with my film Alice in such an event.

    May 2021
  • Michele Capuano

    Festival Speciale..grazie per la bellissima occasione!

    May 2021
  • Per noi è stata un'esperienza incredibile! Anche se online la presenza su ha permesso ha moltissime persone di vedere il nostro JABAL. Non potevamo chiedere nulla di meglio per l'anteprima mondiale! Evviva il cinema italiano!!!

    May 2021