After its fifth edition in 2021 which was held in a hybrid format due to restrictions in Ibiza due to COVID-19 and obtaining thousands of viewers throughout Spain developing the online Festival at, the Ibiza International Independent Film Festival continues in its 6th edition with its two parallel objectives of bringing the most courageous and cryptic auteur cinema to our island, and at the same time, as a markedly territorial festival, quality independent cinema that will hit theaters. commercial in the peninsula, but never to Ibiza.
We believe in committed auteur films, with necessary points of view, that can move in depth and form up to the margins of the norms of commercial cinema, with total creative freedom.
Understanding the cinema as an essential tool for social awareness, we highlight and organize sections for the promotion of gender equality, migration problems or environmental sensitivity, with specific programs for Institutes on the Island.
Our commitment to the film industry is reflected in our professional sections. The organization of 5 Professional Conferences so far, a contest for scripts of short films with a cash prize and pitchings for feature film projects are the axis of our current activities, complemented by workshops and master classes adapted to the level and need of audiovisual professionals in Ibiza. We even have a special award for the distribution of feature films in Spain.
Our main official sections try to reflect both socio-cultural situations and problems as an open window to the world, in the case of “Panorama”, such as emphasizing experiences in characters that can be extrapolated to any person “Humans in focus”.
The short film is not complementary, dissected into 4 official sections and programmed together with feature films in official and parallel sections such as “Fem-Cine” or “Be-Blue Think Green” is treated as a genre in itself.
IBIZACINEFEST faces its 6th Edition in February 2021 with the collaboration of the cultures departments of Spanish goverment-ICAA, Governing Balear-IEB, Film Commission of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza Island Council, Tourism Council and City Council of Sant Josep, Santa Eulalia, Sant Antoni and the other private partners. Ibizacinefest has achieved the EFFE brand of the European community after its third edition.Ibizacinefest is a member of EFA-European Festivals Association.
The Ibizacinefest is on the official calendar of the most important Festivals in Spain of the ICAA and the IBFC in the Balearic Islands.
Europe for festivals, festivals for Europe - EFFE is an action initiated by the European Association of Festivals (EFA), supported by the European Commission and Parliament. EFFE creates audiences and intertwined about the arts with a search database that also serves for all kinds of interactions and initiatives that recognize the work of the various artistic festivals in Europe. Europe is constantly developing and changing.
IBIZACINEFEST is the main winter cultural event in Ibiza.

Officials Sections:
International Fiction Feature
International Docs
International First Film
Fem-Cine (Movies that promote gender equality)
BeBlue-Evironment (Movie that promote environmental awareness and respect)
International Fiction ShortFilm
International ShortDoc
Experimental ShortFilm
Spanish Fiction ShortFilm
Animation ShortFilm
Animation Shortfilm for Kids
Ibiza Script Shortfilm Festival
Ibizacinefest Pitching
VR Lab
And others paralels sections and activities.
Ibizacinefest organizes, in parallel to the Festival, a series of activities dedicated to the Industry: Professional Day, Master Class, Work-Shops and Ibiza Script Festival,.and an online Pitching for 10 feature film projects (Fiction and Documentary) under development.

Festival Trophy + Accommodation in a Hotel and transfer for 3 nights to attend the event in Ibiza island.
And they will choose our special prizes:
The winners and others films will be distributed, if they wish, by the distributor #Conunpack and will have access to theatrical secreenings and the VOD Channels and Filmin for Spain.
IBIZA SCRIPT FESTIVAL: Accommodation in a Hotel and transfer for 3 nights to attend the event in Ibiza island for 3 finalist and prize (1.000€) for the winner.

Works produced as of January 1, 2018 of any nationality may participate.
Sections and durations: 
Fiction: + 60 min.
Documentaries: + 45 min.
Languages: Works are accepted in any language, only the selected feature films must be subtitled in Spanish or Catalan if they are not your VO.
The producers of the SELECTED works will assign their rights for the projection in our Auditoriums and the possible inclusion of the trailers in promotional videos of the festival without the prior signing of any contract.
SELECTIONS: The jury of the IBIZACINEFEST will choose the 30 feature films that will be screened in Ibiza and the winners.
The selected ones will make available to the festival their promotional poster in JPEG and a web link here they can access all the info of the work: synopsis, trailer, for publication in
Any questions about the Festival Rules will be answered at:
Feature films or shortfilms and documentaries or fiction films are accepted after January 1, 2018 with themes that promote gender equality.
Any nationality and English subtitles are accepted for the selection process and Spanish or Catalan subtitles in case of selection.
Works produced as of January 1, 2019 of any nationality may participate.
Sections and durations:
Fiction: max. 30 min.
Documentaries: max. 45 min.
Experimental: max. 30 min.
Animation: max. 30 min.
Languages: Works are accepted in any language, only selected and projected short films must be subtitled in Catalan or Spanish if these are not your VO.
The producers of the selected works will cede their rights for the screening in our
auditorys and the possible inclusion of the trailers in promotional videos of the festival without previous signature of no contract.
SELECTIONS: The IBIZACINEFEST SELECTION COMMITTEE will choose 50 short films that will be screened in Ibiza and the 5 winners (1 for category).
The selected ones will make available to the festival their promotional poster in JPEG and a link (web, face, vimeo, etc ...) where they can access all the info of the work: synopsis, trailer, for publication in
The Ibizacinefest Pitching selects 6 documentary and fiction feature film projects that will be presented online to our advisor Ángela Bosch.
Ibizacinefest undertakes to announce and promote all the selected projects in our RRSS and newsletters.
Ibizacinefest will present a report made by Ángela Bosch specific to each project and will subsequently attend them personally in a one-to-one session to finalize the 1-hour advice.
The maximum duration of each Pitch will be 15 minutes.
Initial projects, finished scripts, projects in pre-production, works in progress and final cuts are accepted.
The selected projects will be notified on 02/15/2022 and the deadline on 02/28/2022 to deliver the files with the required specifications that will be communicated along with the selection notification.
All Pitch recordings must be in Spanish or English.
At the time of registration through our partner platform FilmFreeway, each project can contribute:
1. Synopsis (maximum 300 characters).
2. Treatment (maximum 700 characters).
3. Project image in HD (300 dpi).
4. Trailer or Teaser if available. In H264.
5. Possibilities and demands for financing at the present time of the project.
Ángela Bosch has been an executive member and member of the European Film Academy (EFA) since 2015, representing Spain and Portugal and an audiovisual expert for the Spanish Institute of Commerce (ICEX).
He currently advises independent audiovisual producers and young talents on financing, co-production and distribution.
http: // angelabosch.
The theme of the scripts is completely free and may belong to any genre.
All submitted works must be original. In the event that the contestant uses a novel, a short story or a text by another author as the basis of the script, the contestant must include the corresponding authorization from the author of the original work in their registration.
All scripts must be written in Spanish or English.
The works must be presented in the film literary script format, according to industry standards. Scripts that do not present a suitable format will be automatically disqualified.
Storyboards and technical scripts will not be accepted.
The scripts must have a maximum length of 12 pages, not counting the cover and the synopsis page.
Only files in PDF format will be accepted. The title page will indicate the title and name of the author as well as his postal address, email and telephone number.
The synopsis will have a maximum length of 15 lines.
The criteria for the evaluation of the registered scripts will be:
1) Professional format.
2) Originality.
3) Cinematic viewing.
4) Structure.
The jury's decision is final
The author of the script will always have the rights to it. The scripts presented, once the festival is over, will be deleted.
From all the scripts presented, the organization will select 12 finalists. These finalists will send a recorded pitch of no more than 5 minutes in length.
The Ibizacinefest Jury will decide in an unappealable manner the winner and may award up to 2 special mentions.
The award consists of an aid for the production of the awarded short film valued at € 1,000 (taxes included). In addition, the short film will participate in a competition in the next edition of the festival where its screenwriter and director will be invited to present it.
2 Special Mentions will be awarded, assuring the producer of the finished short film, his official selection in the corresponding edition of the Ibizacinefest.
All the finalist scripts will have a fee waiver for their registration in the Ibizacinefest following the completion of the short film.
In any of the above possibilities, the producer of the short film undertakes to include the corresponding Ibizacinefest logo at the beginning of the film.

Overall Rating
  • Wouter Jansen

    Great festival, very interesting and a great director!
    Un super festival, muy interessante y con un director muy muy amable!

    December 2021
  • Hakan Ünal

    Impeccable festival with variable concepts! My short script 'The Shell' was officially selected for the short screenplay section last year. It was an amazing experience. Thank you so much.

    December 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Hakan. A pleasure to hear about your project and good luck in the future.

  • Luz Creativa

    Excelente festival, recibimos muy buena promoción y asesoría profesional de nuestro proyecto en desarrollo.

    Definitivamente recomendado

    July 2021
    Response from festival:

    Muchas gracias y mucha suerte en este proyecto y demás.

  • Gabriel Elettore

    Muchas gracias al Festival por la selección en el Ibiza Short Script Festival, un proyecto de cortometraje que arranca su camino a la realización. Excelente comunicación, espero volver a participar en futuras ediciones!

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Gracias Gabriel, esperamos recibir tu cortometraje ya finalizado.
    Mucha suerte.

  • Ila Gambarelli

    The IBIZACINEFEST is simply magnificent! From the films in competition to the organization. Thanks

    March 2021
    Response from festival:

    Many thanks Ilaria for your fantàstic film.